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, medium dense sands). 6. Fem ppt swapnil. All the loads have the units of lb/in (element edge length) in English units. ground motion, in the longitudinal direction. V kx m S m max. 1. I've read several articles to estimate the transverse shear stresses once the in-plane stresses are known by integrating the 3D equilibrium equations. Step 3 Shear envelope max SK 2/10 Typical shear envelope of Modeling Of RC Shear Wall in ABAQUS/CAE Renish Dhaduk,G. Tools>XY data> create>odb field output > select position:unique nodal>select the component of RF Q12. created using ABAQUS (nonlinear-finite element) software. Therein, the base shear under the action of the first group of natural wave is the maximum and in this case the base shear-time curve is shown in Figure 7. treated as incremental ie ABAQUS will seek a response to the specified load about the base state. A Structural Simulation System, Part 3: Application with Abaqus . xml Abaqus/CAE and Abaqus/Standard are used together to affect the weld simulation in a way that permits extreme deformation of the pipes in the weld region. The completion of this subroutine makes it possible to use ABAQUS for stress and fracture analyses of single crystals andbicrystals. Helwany also has an online course based on the book available at www. 8 Conventional Shell Elements •Large-strain shell elements in ABAQUS/Explicit –The large-strain shell elements use a Mindlin-Reissner type of flexural theory that includes transverse shear. We will focus on the limit where K >>µ . Hi everyone, I was trying to model simple shear behaviour in abaqus using just one C3D8R element in an orthotropic elastic material. Learning design with examples is always the best method of learning. 4kN and the corresponding shear-weight ratios are 11. Ultimately, polynomial is the best model for all outputs (base shear, displacement, the average of steel stress and concrete stress, because this model has the maximum value for R 2 and the minimum value for MSRE). outside of the column width. Performance Based Analysis of a Reinforced Concrete Shear Wall Building. As limiting case consider a rigid system i. 1(b) can be seen to be equivalent to the beam sign convention rotating columns AB and CD to line up with beam BC. In the present example, the plane of the earthquake motion lies along the x-axis, so we expect that the structural response will be dominated by Frames 1 and 3 and will result in a significant base shear in the x-direction. In this study, dynamic and mechanical behaviors of seven specimens of these isolators were modeled using finite element software (ABAQUS). QX and QY are transverse shear loads. DMICRT ≥ 1 indicates Steel base: – C3D8R elements . • ! \. The units of an edge traction are force per unit length. You can prescribe distributed shear force using the Load module -> Surface traction. ω →∞ 0 or T 0 →0 , the values of various response spectra are 0 lim 0S d ω→∞ → (4. 5% and 10. The other question is in viscoelastic material properties there is a choice of the elastic modulus as long-term. . The seismic performance is assessed by calculating the base shear, drift and comparing it with the standard seismic demand requirements. Mohammad Ali Lotfollahi-Yaghin 1 and Reza Shiri 2 * 1 Civil Engineering Faculty, University of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran . Q7. program show that total mass and six-order vibration modes of ABAQUS model agree well with MIDAS model, and base shear and displacement is also more consistent. Shear deformation tends to be important when shell thickness is greater than approximately 1 / 5 to 1 / 10 of the span of plate-bending curvature. 1-3. As in the real forming process, the aluminum cylinder in the model is ABAQUS provide additional degrees of freedom for consideration of transverse shear, a capability generally considered unnecessary for thin plate modeling. You can prescribe conditions directly at an element/node level if you use an orphan mesh. 18 s. damping effect of base shear force is also compared and analyzed  Dec 18, 2011 If using ABAQUS/CAE select module Load and click on the Create load icon. You may import geometry from a many different CAD software packages. 17 s. Open ABAQUS/CAE (you will find a link on the Start pa is related to the maximum value of base shear as . Internal Axial Force (P) ≡ equal in magnitude but isolate the panels from acting as shear walls. Bridge 405 Max Transverse Base Shear, Sa’s at Tt = 0. Get help with Dassault Systèmes® Support and optimize your search to find out up to date technical knowledge, user's guide, developer’s guide, whitepapers and more. The solid has shear modulus µ, bulk modulus K and mass density ρ. responses to an applied stress or strain, are time dependent. Table 2 The maximum base shear corresponding to each seismic waves (kN). 3, and total base shear is shown in Figure 5. 1, the top and bottom surfaces of the beam carries no longitudinal load, hence the shear stresses must be zero here. ABAQUS : GeneralABAQUS is a highly sophisticated, general purpose finite element program,designed primarily to model the behavior of solids and structures underexternally applied loading. (a) MIDAS model (b) ABAQUS model Figure 5. In terms of slab thickness, with a 24 inch wide column and a 12 inch thick slab, an 11. RT CIW V=v (A-1) The total design base shear need not exceed the following: R C I W V a 2. The relevance of the current topic to the ASCE 7-05 document is provided here. Types of Bracing knee-bracing diagonal (including eccentric) X K or chevron shear walls – which resist lateral forces in the plane of the wall shear walls It consists of elastic modulus E, shear modulus G and Poisson coefficient v in three dimensions. In this tutorial you will run a finite element simulation of this problem. 75h, in either direction. 50 Figure 47. Bridge 520 Max Transverse Base Shear, Sa’s at Tt = 0. Each individual component of the power system is fused for overload and short circuit protection. Diagram 13 is related to comparison the amounts of the storey base shear on 3-storey moment frame under earthquakes near Kobe, Lomaprieta, and Northridge. Default value will be 1 (no units since Abaqus doesn’t recognize them) but you can enter any number there. • The sphere has radius R, mass m, and is launched with initial velocity V 0 towards the rigid surface. The statement that thick shells tend to be stiffer than thin shells applies only to the bending components of shells, and to models in which meshing is too coarse. Base the results obtained, given comments on the effect of joints to the tunnel lining under the impact of the earthquake. •. The model is like a cube with each side length 1. Open ABAQUS/CAE (you will find a link on the Start menu). All Answers (18) If you want to extract the bending moment and shear force and/or other distress measures directly from Abaqus, then you have to model the beam with beam or frame elements (with a beam section). loads. Shear locking occurs on use of fully integrated linear elements that are subjected to pure bending. In an eigenvalue buckling prediction step Abaqus/Standard first does a static perturbation analysis to determine the incremental stresses, δ⁢σ, due to QN. It verified that the conversion of loads, elements, materials and sections information is correct. 67 Prediction of the seismic response and proper capturing of the effective stiffness of squat walls is a challenging task since these walls exhibit a shear dominated behavior with strong coupling between shear and flexure responses. . e I have Nxx, Nxy, Nyy, Mxx, Mxy, Myy components of the thin shells middle surface. A thin plate is defined as one with a length-to­ thickness ratio greater than about 20. Different damage initiation criteria on an aluminum double-chamber profile. Conversion process is stable and reliable. Shear locking is an artefact in structural calculations by finite element methods when the structure looks like a slender beam or shell, the main deformation is bending and there is not enough elements across the thickness or elements are significantly distorted (large aspect ratios). 5 : How do I apply a varying shear load? . The results are utilized to highlight the relevance of the analysis in extracting and calculating relevant and accurate seismic design parameters such as elastic base shear, design base shear, and ductility reduction and overstrength factors. 11Ca I W (A-3) Damage Initiation Criteria for Ductile Metals • Shear criterion: – Appropriate for triggering damage due to shear band localization – The model assumes that the equivalent plastic strain at the onset of damage is a function of the shear stress ratio and strain rate. First, we give descriptions required parameters such as shear module and loss factor in order to anticipate the behavior of viscoelastic materials. Sides -> Free in Vertical direction, Fixed in Horizontal direction. ABAQUS will distribute internally the loads or displacemenent on the nodes or elements found on the corresponding geometrical entities. II. e. Quieroz et Hi Dr. It is a base isolation device conceptually similar to Lead Rubber Bearing. A uniform distributed load of 1000 N/m is applied to the lower horizontal members in the vertical downward direction. •Equivalent lateral force procedure gives base shear in terms of design spectrum and period of vibration. ing' effect on the base shear onto towers at various levels Generally, a 35 to 40 % of the base shear . Shearing may also become significant in locations of bending-stress concentrations, which occur near sudden changes in thickness or support conditions, and near openings or re-entrant corners. Dr. Base Shear from Earthquake Loading (Part 2) | Reinforced Concrete Design Last part of the video calculates down the value of base shear and refers to watch next video to learn the shear Popular Answers ( 2) For example, nonlinear behavior of a shear wall is quite different in Abaqus from that in SAP. 2, roof and floor level accelerations are shown in Figure 5. 1. but first you need all the nodal reactions. A USER-MATERIAL SUBROUTINE INCORPORATING SINGLE CRYSTAL PLASTICITY IN THE ABAQUS FINITE ELEMENT PROORAM Yonggang Huang Division of Applied Sciences Harvard University Cambridge, MA 02138 June 1991 Abstract A user-material subroutine has been written to incorporate single crystal plasticity in the fmite element program ABAQUS. Figure 7. Abaqus contains an extensive library of elements that can model virtually any geometry. 5) Get base shear from control point, if you want to assess base shear. If you follow this way, then you can request SM and SF output (only available for beam and shell elements) for section forces and moments. •Response spectrum is based on 5% critical damping in system. Similarly it was found that the influence of strain rate on base shear (not  finite element seismic soil-structure interaction analysis using Abaqus V. Jorgen, I've couple of quick questions: 1) I am planning to use ABAQUS 2D shell formulation (S4R) to estimate 3D state of stress. 50 Figure 46. The 3D seismic response of the immersed tunnel in a horizontally layered site subjected to obliquely incident waves is analyzed based on the precise dynamic stiffness matrix of the soil layer and half-space via combined viscous-spring boundary and equivalent node Plate buckling analysis of a steel plate composed of various aspect ratio and subjected to vivid boundary conditions under the action of axial compression and pure shear was performed using ABAQUS Academia. This video gives you how to apply shear force for a solid part seismic waves. efficiency based on ABAQUS platform for high-rise structures will be improved by . I created a Performance-Based Analysis of a Reinforced Concrete Shear Wall Building 1. 2. The shear modulus or modulus of rigidity (G) describes the tendency to shear (the deformation of shape at constant volume) when a force is applied parallel to one face of the object while the opposite face is held fixed. The Schmid stress, or resolved shear stress on a slip system, is assumed here to be the driving force for slip. 3 Two-dimensional solid element library Products: Abaqus/Standard Abaqus/Explicit Abaqus/CAE References z“Solid (continuum) elements,” Section 25. 3–1, where the base shear  ABAQUS (Hibbitt, Karlsson and Sorensen, 2001) supplies the Concrete Damaged . Resulting roof and floor displacements with respect to time are shown in Figure 5. (Note that what in the structural analysis literature is called a "thin plate" is often called in the pave­ (MDOF) shear building • mdof shear building is approximately stacked sdof systems • consider a structure consisting of many masses connected together by elements of known sti"ness's • masses move independently with displacements x 1, x 2 … x n • majority of the mass is in the floors • motion is predominantly lateral x 1 x n x 3 x 2 m 1 m 2 m 3 m n Implementation of ABAQUS’s Viscoelasticity modeling in a Cartilage Tissue Simulation Alexia Stylianou 1. User guide • Read online or download PDF • ABAQUS Volume II: I–Z User Manual • ABAQUS Software Manuals Directory ManualsDir. So you have to add. 5 = (A-2) The total design base shear shall not be less than the following: V=0. And Algor does not accept this material properties or i could'nt find it. The Using the finite element analysis program ABAQUS, a series of calculations on a cantilever beam, pile, and sheet pile wall were made to investigate the bending moment computational methods. You can edit and rename a part after you create it, but you 25. Re: plot XY data. The first release of Abaqus 2017 is now available for download at the media download portal. In the base-isolated buildings, the laminated rubber bearings, being as protectors of the superstructure, should sometimes be protected from failure or instability be- cause the failure of rubber bearings may result in serious damage to superstructure. The shear force, \(V\), along the length of the beam can be determined from the shear diagram. 12) The relations between different response spectrum quantities is shown in the Table 4. By presenting both the traditional solutions alongside the FEM solutions, Applied Soil Mechanics with ABAQUS® Applications is an ideal introduction to traditional soil mechanics and a guide to alternative solutions and emergent methods. Equivalent shear connection stiffness was used in the 3D model due to variation in modelled length of shear connector. O-. com. ABAQUS software, we can simulate the behavior of viscoelastic materials, conditional to calculate storing shear module and wasting module of viscoelastic materials by the test. The main objective of this paper evaluates masonry wall modeling using the representation techniques adopted in literature and use the appropriate technique to represent masonry room by ABAQUS/CAE also displays text in the prompt area near the bottom of the window to guide you through the procedure. Base -> Fixed for all DOFs. As we can see the maximum base shear in X and Y directions are respectively - 145158. 5% drift cycle loading to avoid local peaks in base shear that occur in the first cycles due to shear buckling strength of web plate that vanishes in the following cycles where only residual buckling strength is observed. edu is a platform for academics to share research papers. The evaluation of the collapse. Structural Axial, Shear and Bending Moments Positive Internal Forces Acting on a Portal Frame 2 Recall from mechanics of mater-ials that the internal forces P (generic axial), V (shear) and M (moment) represent resultants of the stress distribution acting on the cross section of the beam. The sign convention of F. One slab specimen was without shear reinforcement that failed in punching shear, while the other slab had punching shear reinforcement and failed in flexure. Hello dear useres, Is it an option in the abaqus viewer to plot only shear stresses?or do i just have to look at the principal stresses and find out myself which stresses are Abaqus Beam Tutorial Problem Description The two dimensional bridge structure, which consists of steel T‐sections, is simply supported at its lower corners. Panel zone deformations were not included in drift calculations. Abaqus also offers ‘incompatible’ mode elements for the quadrilateral and hexahedral elements (C3D8I, CPS4I, CPE4I, CAX4I). If you base the crack propagation analysis on the crack opening displacement criterion, the crack-tip node debonds when the crack opening displacement at a specified distance behind the crack tip reaches a critical value. Comparison existing . with 0% offset shear strain). S= =ω= max 0. The B31and B32 elements provided by ABAQUS can simulate the beams and columns of thearchitectural structure and the S4R element can better simulate the shear walls and floors. 002 units on all four nodes on opposite plane. SOLIDWORKS Plastics Premium gives you access to all of the advanced tools that SOLIDWORKS Plastics Simulation has to offer for testing your mold design before production even begins. Draw maximum—minimum ultimate load bending moment envelope after redistribution. e. All five methods are compared against a modal time history response using the same El Centro acceleration record in Table 2. Nazim , as i first understand , in Abaqus for seismic analysis case i should define a new  I'm simulating a 10 storey building behaviour, under different earthquakes, I want to know how can I calculate the base shear of this building ? starting from the  Key words: ABAQUS, connected structures, elastic-plastic, seismic analysis. My question: "Is there a method for providing a pushover curve automatically?" Regards, Cyrus. -50. foot slab width would extend 4. A three-dimensional (3D) detailed numerical model of an immersed tunnel in a horizontally layered site is established in this study. VEHICLE COMMUNCATION Poster Number: MS-01 Authors: Gaurav Chauda; Daniel J. 13) 0 lim 0S v ω→∞ → (4. 8 Previous studies illustrate that the frame structures base shear force for the  General or shear surface tractions and pressure loads can be applied in Abaqus as . 47 Figure 45. POWER DISTRIBUTION vertical shear involved three different stages: SYSTEM Texas Instruments InstaSPIN-FOC The vehicle power distribution delivers energy to the system components only when instructed and safe to do so. — Experiment. (3) (4) where is the plastic tension resulting in anchor rod due to the lateral displacement (N); is the ultimate tensile strength of anchor rod (MPa); is the instantaneous sectional area of the anchor rod will be discussed later in this section (see Eq. The 3D seismic response of the immersed tunnel in a horizontally layered site subjected to obliquely incident waves is analyzed based on the precise dynamic stiffness matrix of the soil layer and half-space via combined viscous-spring boundary and equivalent node Shear Locking and Hourglassing in MSC Nastran, ABAQUS, and ANSYS Eric Qiuli Sun Abstract A solid beam and a composite beam were used to compare how MSC Nastran preview Download Abaqus Implementation of Extended Finite Element Springs-with-damper base isolator installed under a three-story town-house, Santa Monica, California is shown on the photo taken prior to the 1994 Northridge earthquake exposure. SIMULIA has developed and broadcast 2017 release webinars to make users aware of new features available in the 2017 release, but those webinars are long recordings ranging from one to two hours each, which can be daunting. I developed an Abaqus UEL (user element) subroutine for running finite element analysis of cold-formed steel framed shear wall during my graduate studies at Virginia Tech. ABAQUS always reports shear strain as engineering shear strain, : Stress and strain measures The stress measure used in ABAQUS is Cauchy or “true” stress, which corresponds to the force per current area. Yes, when you define section for plane stress or plane strain analysis you should check the Plane stress/strain thickness box. Salient features of ABAQUS Capabilities for both static and dynamic problems The ability to account all types of nonlinearities viz. 8%. com - online owner manuals library Search 2003 ABAQUS Users’ Conference 1 Crashworthiness Simulation of Automobiles with ABAQUS/Explicit Touraj Gholami, Jürgen Lescheticky, Ralf Paßmann BMW Group, Munich Abstract Passive safety simulation is a well established tool in the development process of automobiles at BMW Group. What is wrong? Normal and Tangential Contact problem. This process is automated through the use of Python scripts. 1 Beam with transverse shear force showing the transverse shear stress developed by it If we look at a typical beam section with a transverse stress as in Fig. d pa (4. Behavior of a cable brace can be mathematically modeled in Matlab/SimuLink. 2. The foundation plan is shown in Figure 6. geomilwaukee. For the complete loading of the shell I have its stress field i. In conclusion, the experimental adhesive of group 3 yields the higher SBS than in group 1 and group 2. 5. includes a perturbation step about a geometrically nonlinear base state). analytical results of the models generated in ABAQUS compare favorably with the . Investigation of the Base-Isolation System Effect on Stress and Base-Shear Force of Curved Bridge According to Soil-Structure Interaction. The data of a cross-section of subway tunnel Hanoi has been used as a case studied and results of calculation methods are discussed. Plate Forces and Moments: Membrane and Transverse Shear Loads Mathematical modelling of column bases under shear load. You may recall that a circular hole in a plate has a stress concentration factor of about 3. 8kN and -137092. Reduced integration first order solid elements in ABAQUS and ANSYS suffered from hourglassing when a mesh was coarse. At time t=1 , therefore, the stress at point A should just reach yield (the initial yield stress of the plate is 200MPa). ABAQUS/Explicit: Advanced Topics A2. •Modal superposition analysis uses design response spectrum as basic ground motion input. Segalman Title: Significance of the Elastic Decoupling Assumption in Frictional Contact Abstract: Chi-square comparison for the ARI indicated that there was significant difference (P=. -ABAQUS. stud shear connectors in their numerical studies. 0 INTRODUCTION The purpose of this project was to use American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Standard 41-06 procedures to evaluate the performance of a reinforced concrete shear wall structure, located in San Francisco, California and designed per ASCE 7-05 boundary sliding is not considered here. Fig. 75 times the slab thickness, 4. shear locking. 1 z*SOLID SECTION Element types Plane strain elements Active degrees of freedom 1, 2 CPE3 3-node linear CPE3H(S) 3-node linear, hybrid with constant pressure CPE4(S) 4-node bilinear imposed displacement through the column till failure. The analyses demonstrated that the shear locking is not significant for the passive pile embedded in soil. This blog is a "How-to" series about an Abaqus UEL simulating nonlinear hysteretic behaviors of cold-formed steel fastened connections. Column shear capacity is shown in dashed green. Design Base Shear: The total design base shear in a given direction is to be determined from the following formula. ETABS (2010) and ABAQUS (2004) were adopted to. The value of Normal stiffness that I should use should be in the units N/m because that is what ABAQUS accepts. 50. The acc time histories are applied at the base. The time history of top displacement is shown in Figure 3 and the base shear is shown in  ABAQUS offers a general capability for modeling progressive damage and failure in engineering Shear. You need the reaction forces (RF) : RF are normally given by ABAQUS for each node. The shear force at any location along the beam can then be used to calculate the shear stress over the beam's cross section at that location. Stiffness for pure-bending deformation. When meshing adequately captures bending deformation, thick-shell elements are more flexible because of the additional shear deformation force, (b) shear forces that produce clockwise momentsand (c) bending moments that result in tension stresses in the interior frame fibers. The pushover results are conducted up to and including fracture of the links and failure of the system. Background: Biological tissues are primarily viscoelastic in nature, meaning that their mechanical behavior, i. Finite element models of several RC squat walls are developed using the commercial software Abaqus and OpenSees. –S3R •There are no propagating hourglass modes. Consequently, the effects of both shape factor and rubber stiffness of isolators on their vertical compression behavior were examined. V t is taken as the peak base shear during the 1. and columns were fixed at the base. Comparison amounts of storey max- acceleration in the 12-storey moment frame with shear wall with 10 mm thickness under near fault Kobe, Lomaprieta, and Northridge. •Transverse shear constraints (2 per element) can cause mild shear shear stresses. 14) 0 max Legal Notices The software described in this documentation is available only under license from Dassault Systèmes or its subsidiaries and may be used or reproduced only in accordance with the terms of such license. The magnitude of the loading increases linearly with time, as shown. The formulation of these elements promotes shear strains that do not really exist Shear locking: Timoshenko beam theory works for all l/d ratio whereas Bernoullie beam theory works for only large values of l/d ratio. These elements enhanced by incompatible model can capture bending more accurately with even one element through the thickness. Although these adhesives provide a lower shear bond strength than Transbond XT, they were acceptable for clinical use. If the base state did not include geometric nonlinearity, the stiffness matrix used in this static perturbation analysis is the tangent elastic stiffness. It is thus recommended that one should avoid using this type of element in bending applications and modal analysis. segmental tunnel lining under the impact of the earthquake. Three cases are studied in this example. While the explicit integration technology provided by ABAQUS can solve the nonlineardynamics problems better, it has a broader application in elastic-plastic dynamic analysis. The building is supported on spread footings based on moderately deep alluvial deposits (i. All columns not included in the perimeter moment frames were idealized as being pinned at the top and bottom, and therefore did not contribute lateral stiffness to the lateral force resisting system. Distributed edge tractions (general, shear, normal, or transverse) and edge moments can be applied to shell elements in ABAQUS as element-based or surface-based distributed loads. Braced Frames Braced frames have beams and columns that are “pin” connected with bracing to resist lateral loads. Zenburn color theme for Abaqus input files in Notepad++ - Abaqus-Default. Transverse ties are placed between the Diaphragm-level displacement, acceleration, and total base shear were of interest. 4. (8) It is assumed that this viscoelastic piece has been under oscillation for a long time, and reached to a steady state: ì(P)=[) æ(ñ)+) ß(ñ)]û 4exp(EñP). Studs were assumed to connect the mid plane of concrete slab and the top steel flange of the steel beam, both of which were modelled with the shell elements. 27 NOTE: For multi-bay frames, the usual practice is to define But in viscoelastic materials there is 2 shear modulus as the short term shear modulus and the long term shear modulus. You use the Create Part dialog box to name the part; to choose its modeling space, type, and base feature; and to set the approximate size. Base Shear-Top Displacement Response of the Test Structure. Using Abaqus, you should be able to use various different material models to simulate the behavior of most typical engineering materials including metals, rubber, polymers, ABAQUS tutorial. shaking table tests, and the design guidelines for FBR base isolation system are . Viscoelastic theory in ABAQUS Consider a shear test with small strain; this shear strain varies frequently by time: û(P)= 4exp(EñP). In this analysis I m supposed to find Base Shear and Overturning moment. Steel tank is thin shell and is flexible. Abaqus/Explicit was used to simulate the bottle-forming process using the FLSD criterion and the models shown in Figure 6. 100. 0 units and I model x-y shear by making ux=uy=uz=0 in all four nodes on one plane; and uy=uz=0, and vx=0. MIDAS model, and base shear and displacement is also more consistent. You have to add up all the nodal reactions and get the total reaction force. Shear is resisted with stirrups and ties. There was, however, no such shear locking with fully integrated second order solid elements. Abaqus Tutorial Videos - Analysis of 3D solid part subjected to Shear in Abaqus This video shows abaqus tutorials for beginners. 11 In running a ABAQUS analysis using the user subroutine option the printed output is terminated after the datacheck stage and there are no report of any errors? Q12. This criterion is available only in Abaqus/Standard. Both specimens are analysed using the concrete damaged plasticity model offered in ABAQUS. Nov 30, 2018 Meanwhile, the latter plays a role in generating a hardening effect, limiting the shear displacement of the base isolation under a maximum  Jan 2, 2018 out by ABAQUS software to verify the stability of energy dissipation and . The lateral load applied to the model is base shear load with the reverse  The present study evaluates the stress of deck and base shear of the friction pendulum bearing; curved bridge; soil-structure interaction; ABAQUS software. 012) between the groups. However, nonlinear behavior of a well designed steel moment frame is virtually the same in Abaqus and SAP. After a static Riks analysis, I collect displacement of control point and base shear (through a view cut) in all converged steps manually and use excel to plot the curve. 12 In running a ABAQUS analysis with the user subroutine option the output file written to in the user subroutine couldn't be found. base shear in abaqus

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