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iPad Settings Troubleshooting. 4KB: Download: POS-80-Series printer windows driver: The driver support all of our 80mm printer. Contents. NOTE: When powered up, the printer will stay in the “online ”mode. 3. Paste the URL into the Device Center Address field on the Printer Setup screen. At the end to configure the receipt printer, cash drawer and customer display in Openbravo POS, go to the configuration panel, and select surepos, mode serial, and the port where the receipt printer and the customer display are connected. Station Setup – Each station must be configured separately for printer routing 1. Two Printers. The setting of Printer can be set from Menu Item or on POS Room. Press to select Reset Network Settings, then press OK. To test your connection, tap Test Print. After Save: Once an order is saved, a kitchen ticket will print automatically. Follow these steps to enter the default-setting mode and change the printer's default settings: Note: Before entering the default-setting mode, you need to load A4 or letter size single-sheet paper or continuous paper that is at least 210 mm (8. Open Aldelo for Restaurants Software 2. This step will connect the  Receipt printer and cash drawer configuration. Skip navigation POS-X is a leading retail and restaurant POS System manufacturer of terminals, touchscreen monitors, barcode scanners, receipt printers, and cash drawers. However, receipt printers generally have a much smaller footprint and use less ink and paper than standard printers do, which means increased profit and savings for your business. The most useful If you have lost your disk driver installation for your 58MM Thermal Receipt Printer with model POS-5890C – you can download a copy of this driver here on our page. Delivering innovative, cost-effective solutions to allow your business to run more efficiently. Setup Procedure: IX. The printer will print a list of initial settings including interface type and buffer capacity. What this article covers most settings you'll need to manage your printers in the talech application. Toggle on Receipts, Order Tickets, and/or Order Ticket Stubs. 1. Powerful cloud POS system. You can if you need to though. Citizen POS printers combine speed with sustainability to deliver consistent, high resolution receipts time and time again. FAQ and troubleshooting for Epson TM-m30 cash drawer receipt printer for point of sale. I know it's a compatible printer. Compact and wireless mobile printer Label Printer. It's dead simple to write. Advanced settings and setup for Epson TM-m30 thermal printers. Open the Printers or Devices and Printers folder via the Start menu or Control Panel. Admin menu provides two types of setting. Note: If an icon for your Epson printer is not listed, the driver is not installed. Tap Settings > Printers > Create Printer Station. Get the initial settings of the Printer Run the printer self test (hold down the feed button while turning on the printer). Save your preferences and that should do it for you. Make sure the receipt printer and your device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. About MUNBYN. The POS printer should print. Go to the Back Office and enter access code 3. Also select the number of the COM port on the computer connected to the printer. The driver files will be copied to your computer. * For custom code, please refer to this link. Download and run the POS-X impact printer driver. To change the printer click on the drop-down arrow to the right of the printer and select the desired printer from the list. While holding the reset button, turn the printer on. Sharing the Printer. vin65. The POS application and the printer must have the same baud rate, data bits, parity, stop bit for the printer to print legibly. Setting Up Star Receipt Printers for PayGo Skip to Consignment POS; Gift Shop POS; Pet Supply Store POS; Quilt Shop POS; Answer. Popular brands of POS printer include Epson, Star Micronics, IBM, Samsung, Ithaca (Transact Technologies), Cognitive, and Citizen. Confirm the printer settings on the self-test print out. On the Delete Files and Applications window, select all the check boxes, and click OK. The classification is called function classification. € Setting the static IP address can be performed by adding a reservation for the printer's MAC address in your DHCP server or using the SP100 Network ESC/POS printer commands are classified by functions such as print, character, print position, printing paper, line spacing, panel button, paper sensor, mechanism control, status, bar code, bit-image, macro function, control option, and miscellaneous functions. How to install and Configure a Setting up the printer. Featuring an ENERGY STAR® power supply, paper-save function, halogen-free housing and packaging produced from recycled materials, the CT-S310II is truly environmentally friendly. Select Yes and press OK, as necessary, to reset the printer's network settings. At times, support may direct you to do a factory reset on your TSP100 thermal printer. Home For Work Point of Sale POS Printers Point of Sale Printers. 4. (Refer to #Sample Thermal Printer Installation for POS 80 Mini Thermal Printer for sample installation guide) 2. On the Temporary Files Settings window, click Delete Files. 16. In ShopKeep, choose 'Hardware Setup' from the Control Panel. Turn the printer off. 255. 14. . Setting the Port Settings for the printer : Insert the baud, bits, flow control and parity settings from the printer obtained in the Self Test, above. If you have a POS system configured (whether or not it's integrated with Open Dining) and want to print from it to the newly installed EPSON printer, you may need to go into your POS's configuration settings to point to the new printer. lected on the printer • Click once on the printer you will be using to print in Sage Pastel Accounting to highlight the printer • A tool bar will appear at the top of the screen • Click on the option Print server properties as shown below: • The Print Server Properties screen will display. 7167 Owner’s Manual Chapter 2: Setting Up and Using the Printer Switch 1 Settings Switch 2 Settings Printer State OFF (0) OFF (0) On-line Mode (default) ON (1) OFF (0) Diagnostic Mode OFF (0) ON (1) * Flash Download Mode Page 25 7167 Owner’s Manual Chapter 2: Setting Up and Using the Printer 6. Click “Update” to save settings. In pursuit of reliable and stable quality, “Munbyn” has formed perfect management and a stringent quality control system. Open Aldelo for Restuarants POS 2. These settings apply to receipt and label printers. Use hardware you already own. 2. Vend makes POS hardware easy. Cash Drawers. For 58mm printers try 35 characters per line and for 80mm printers try 42 characters per line, otherwise consult manufacturer documentation before setting changing this value. All settings should be configured outside Openbravo POS. Nice work! See also: Troubleshooting When Setting Up an Ethernet Printer How to Set Up Other Printers in Loyverse POS How to Print Bill Using Kitchen Printers with Loyverse POS If you have an older printer, but experiencing problems installing it on Windows 10, here's a look at how to get it working with new Printer Driver Architecture. , Ltd. The most useful A report printer is a printer that is installed in the system. Set “Default Cash Drawer Port” to “USB Receipt Printer”. Set to No Copies to print only one receipt Setting Up Star Receipt Printers for PayGo. 168. Choose a POS hardware package that works out of the box, or use our recommended hardware that works seamlessly with Vend. Locate the document you want and in the next column you will see what printer POS will print that document to. Clear Java cache. Release the reset button. In the Add Printer wizard, click Add a local printer. The documentation provided within walks you through the setting up the device to work with  Jun 11, 2019 Printers have a variety of settings to adjust their behavior to best suit your needs. These are the configurations stored in individual terminals. 2 Online and Offtline. The printer is connected directly with the computer (the first three paragraphs and the need to ensure consistent printer IP of the computer) a. for 76mm POS printer it is better for to edit pos css and xml files for sales ticket to adjust font size and ticket hight and width. Expand POS and select Cash Drawer. Check the POS application to determine what the port settings should be on the computer. Terminal Settings. Home; Products; POS Printers; SRP-270 audio and visual indications to inform its users in a loud setting, such as a kitchen,  Star TSP100 futurePRNT POS receipt printer, fast and reliable with innovative TSP100 thermal POS receipt printer series – setting new standards for POS  The receipt printer is a very vital piece to daily business of your POS system. Jun 12, 2019 Please follow the steps in this guide to set up your Epson T88-series printer in Windows 8, Windows 8. This printer is specially designed to withstand high-temperature kitchen environments. Click Java. print_margin preference option values are set to zero (0). If not, select Search for Printers Again. Download and install the drivers for the two printers. Run the POSprint utility. From the Apple menu choose System Preferences > Print & Fax. Here we’ll take a look at some common issues you may encounter with the iPad Settings. Assigning Printer to a POS  Jul 3, 2018 On the POS, login and click on Main Menu > Settings > Device Manager>Printers >Register 1 (then others in order). However, for Android Then, in the Loyverse POS app, go to Settings. Our printers are built to last and come  Apr 1, 2013 Epson TM-T88V Setup This guide provides step-by-step instructions on installing a Epson TM-T88V Receipt Printer for Windows Computers. Step:1. Hardware. Don't forget to save all settings at the end by tapping the ‘Save’ button. 5. Continue to hold the reset button. The following guidelines include settings for a variety of units but please note it is not practical to verify all information against actual hardware. Point of Sales System Malaysia - Download Online POS System Drivers. 1 USB power connector - connects the printer to the POS computer and provides power to the printer. For Host powered installation plug the DC cable into the POS terminal or plug the power cord into the power supply for remote power supply installation, then plug the power supply into an outlet. You can do this by sharing the printer to your localhost. The setup is simple, but it is important that the Epson printers are  Loyverse POS works with receipt printers on the Supported Printers list. Receipt printer and cash drawer and customer display. Check the box labeled DOT IMPACT PRINTER, then click Installation. Selecting the Printer and the Printer Port : Choose the Epson model of the printer installed from the pull-down menu and choose the type of interface in use (Serial) for the port type. Verifying current Epson IP settings On Epson Ethernet printers, there is a small reset button on the back. Head on over to your POS on the Kounta App. Setting up a cash drawer. In Floreant POS, the administrator needs to go to each terminal and set these values. Go to the Printer Commands tab. Remove the cash drawer from its packaging. Prior to this setup,  May 28, 2019 Follow the below instructions to set up your Epson receipt printer for use and JavaPOS ADK, see POS Printer Preferences for instructions on  Installing Receipt Printer on Workstation. In the Google Chrome web browser go to https://pos. Internet Explorer; Firefox; Chrome. If Printer not set on Item It will print on POS Room’s Printer. When in “online ”mode, the printer receive and handle the data and command send by PC. Check the IP address of the computer. If you are using Mac OS, we recommend using Star Micronics. Step: 3. CAUTION: http://www. Right click on the printer and select the Printer Properties. The most useful You'll then be presented with the Printer Configuration window: The printers list will likely be blank, as shown above, and that's perfectly okay. then goes to options tab. Enter the printer's IP address, port default to 9100, select the printer model and click on test print. Basic settings tab contains the following properties that can be modified: Margin You can adjust receipt margin to fine tune receipt width Setting up ESC/POS printer. To contact Epson support, call (562) 276-1314. Scangle POS is a leading manufacturer of POS Printers, Thermal Printers, Thermal Receipt Printer, Kitchen Receipt Printer, Barcode Scanner, Barcode Reader, POS Terminal, Barcode Printer in China. Industrial Label Printer, Desktop The Eco-POS Printer The industry-leading CT-S310II is a compact and advanced receipt and bar code printer. Use a paper clip or tip of a pen to press and hold the reset on the back of the printer. Thermal Printer / Dot Matrix 2-inch or 3-inch Mobile Printer. 3USING THE PRINTER 3. When connecting to POS Terminals purchased from POSNation, the printer is pre-configured to connect to a specific USB port on the Terminal. NCR Windows Printer Driver  Apr 4, 2018 Click the Start button Click Control Panel Then choose Devices and Printers Right click on the chosen printer, and Select 2 ○ EFI PrintSmith Vision | Configuring Receipt Printers. First Basic settings tab contains the following properties that can be modified: Defines number of characters that can be printed in a single line. Press the Home button to return to the Home menu. The system should immediately start searching for your printers - hang tight. Step:2 Set Printer on Item/Room i. Name your printer in the ‘Printer name’ field and select your printer model in the drop down menu. The following settings shouldn’t need to be changed as uniCenta oPOS picks up your computer’s current settings. Define your full-page printer before your receipt printer. Setting the standard for value-class thermal receipt printers, SNBC delivers an affordable cube style POS printer that features all popular connection interfaces, including USB, Serial and Ethernet, along with superior speed and reliability. On the General tab, under Temporary Internet Files, click Settings. Our client base has covered Europe, North America , middle east Asia, Africa & Southeast Asia. In Firefox, enter about:config in the browser's URL field. Go to the settings section of the POS application by clicking on the 3 bars on the top left hand side of your POS menu bar. The receipt printer is added as any Windows printer. Set the full-sized 8. Select the printer you want to use for full page printing and click OK. Go to Store Settings > Printer Tab Connect to ShopKeep. Click Close. 3 Cash drawer connector - connects the printer to the cash drawer. Hold down the push button for 7 seconds and simultaneously switch the printer back on (the same one you used to reset the default settings). . Click Next. epson-pos. Verify that the interface is "serial" for this type of Ethernet adapter and that the baud rate is the same as is set on the card. In this screen, you can also set number of copies you wish to print. Copy the URL in the page that opens. aus. Your printer will print out the current network settings. It should open on an internet browser. In case printer not set on both Place, it won’t print KOT in Kitchen. Printer Configuration Utility for POS printers. Drivers. Note Contact Epson to find out whether your printer is compatible with OPOS drivers. Toggle the 'On' switch next to your receipt printer. Hardware Setup: Plug your receipt printer into a power source; Connect the printer to the computer  Oct 25, 2017 There are two options for setting up wireless printers. POS Settings. "Build" has Print Configuration. Create a printer by tapping on the ‘+’ button. how to setup border/margin on POS receipt? I do not use this printer, but in my company I do configure POS receipt printers with this settings (in Firefox) : The easiest way would be to either integrate with the POS or another machine on the network, so you have: cloud -> POS -> printer. The SP700 ticket printer is ideal for restaurants that need to print order tickets to the kitchen. then select all the fields as blank in header & footer. Open the start menu and open the Control Panel. RECEIPT PRINTERS Receipt printers typically connect either by USB or Com port (traditional POS). User friendly utility featuring flash and boot options, usage monitoring, and diagnostics as well as the ability to add   Thermal printers are much more cost effective in the long run for printing shipping labels. ESC/POS is the command set which makes receipt printers print- Introduction Before we begin, there's three things you need to know about ESC/POS: Most modern receipt printers support it in some form. 0. This can be used to either reset the device, or simply print out its current settings. For “Windows” map the printer to a file and provide the path of the file. C. POS-58 User Manual -7 -. Aldelo Software Configuration A. 1KB: Download: Android Application: Android device test application. Follow the steps in this article to setup a thermal label and use it to print . Make sure your device is connected to the same network as the printer. Using the Loyverse POS app (Play Market or App Store), assign an actual printer to a certain printer group. Learn More >. Remote Printer(s) Type the name of a remote printer within the “Printer Name” field in the “Remote Printer Setup” section; Select the corresponding port or virtual port setting from within the “Available Printers” dropdown menu. Open the Settings menu and select the printer you will use to print the orders for the kitchen or add a new one. May 4, 2019 Set-Up: Epson Printers POS Lavu now supports Epson Ethernet printers. Switches can be toggled on or off at each register to change the status of printers. 2494. 6 Best Thermal Receipt Printers for 2018 By Krista Fabregas on August 13, 2018 | Buyers Guide, Retail Thermal receipt printers integrate with retail and restaurant point-of-sale (POS) systems to print customer receipts for completed sales. Tap Save. Then in the Loyverse POS app go to Settings. To ensure the printer will work for the long term, we advise setting up using the Wireless  After adding printers and printer group to HQ and setting up your printer hardware, you are ready to configure your printer hardware. Copyright © 1997 - 2016 by . For additional settings, see the receipt printer information for your operating system and printer model. Note: The Windows Name of the printer will appear within the “Device Name” field In Mozila, press CTRL + P. Restaurant/ Store settings These are shared configuration across the terminals. Getting the right type of POS receipt printer when you own a store that’s POS optimized is essential, so that you can keep up on all of your transactions, with relative ease. This will automatically add and connect the POS printers in the network. 15. Test the printer. Setting printer margins. Connect the iPad to the same WiFi network as the printer and open ShopKeep to finish setting up. From the Printer Port menu, select TCP/IP. An icon for your Epson printer should be present. If your printer has been set for a static IP, TouchBistro needs your printers configured for DHCP. Set the value of Print Copies to the number of copies required. Step1: Adding a Printer. After 5 seconds, a warning will print out. Setting Up Printers on Windows POS. Raintech Store 31,140 views Printers - General & Advanced Settings. 4) To test, enter our application under Settings -> Printers. Use Printer Stations to save your settings to your device and easily swap between Connect one end of the Ethernet cable into the rear panel of the printer, and  This article is for the setup of the POS-X Ion Thermal Receipt printer. Pos Printer. 1 Control Panel 3. Printers have a variety of settings to adjust their behavior to best suit your needs. Log in to POS and in the left navigation menu, go to Settings ---> Printer Setup. Under the Printers drop down select Receipt Printer - Desktop. Some printers have the ‘Search’ button to search for the IP address of your printer automatically. for more see attached image. 168, and subnet mask 255. Many accounting and point-of-sale applications support the use of standard desktop printers when printing receipts or invoices. Commands start with an ESC character (ASCII 27). STEP E: Connect printers to your Kounta POS. e Floor. com for Australian clients] and login. However, the utility does not transfer printer drivers. You are ready to test the printer setup. Ethernet Printers. Set Separate KOT Print Setting from Burrp -> Setting -> Peripherals -> KOT Printer This is because Imonggo communicates with the printer through the browser and the software driver. Click the Add button on the right side of the window, which will take you to the Add Printer window: Now, let's say your restaurant is rockin' an EPSON TM-T88IV Receipt printer. Confirm that the printer is listed in the drop down. Enter <1D>V<00> into the End Print Job field. Woolworths terminal configuration Nixdorf Epson, Epson ESC control codes, epson driver. LR2000 thermal printer optimizes the checkout process and helps accelerate transactions at the Point of Sale. 5 x 11 US Letter printer as the default printer. Receipt Printer is the  Desktop/Browser POS Printer Setup: Learn how to attach a printer to a desktop running WineDirect's POS through Google Chrome browser POS. POS printer, Receipt printer. Click Add a printer. Note: If you have the newer TSP100III printer, see this guide. Amigo Pos can automatically print additional copies if required. On the Choose a printer port page, make sure that the Use an existing port button and the recommended printer port are selected, and then click Next. LR2000. This application can be test the USB,bluetooth and wifi(the same with Lan port). Basic settings. 1, or Windows 10. Check browser settings. Tap Printer and select your printer. Enter margin in the filter field. Select Devices and Printers (or Printers and Faxes depending on your Operating system). Select the printer and press the Windows Print button. Separate KOT should print on Kitchen Printer. Add a new printer from Settings -> Receipt Printer; Select the appropriate Connection Type: For “Network” provide the IP Address of the printer. 192. While the USB and RS232 interfaces are aligned with current industry standards, optional Ethernet is ideal for network printing applications. 2 Configuration switch (DIP switch 1) - allows you to change the configuration settings of the printer. Setting a static IP address prevents the device from obtaining a new address in the event of a power failure or address lease expiration. At present, All of our employees continue their endeavor OCOM Technologies Limited is a China thermal printer factory, China barcode printer supplier, China label printer manufacturer, China bluetooth printer factory, China pos printer manufacturer, mini printer in china, thermal receipt printer China, portable printer in china, China barcode scanner supplier, Barcode scanner supplier in china, china dot matrix printer OEM, China impact printer May 7, 2019 Follow these steps to check your margins. Locale : Change this if you prefer to operate uniCenta oPOS in another language. Login, choose the printers installed and enter number of copies. To confirm you have set up the printer correctly, you can complete this test. Select the “Station Settings” icon in the upper right side of the screen 4. Aldelo Printer Configuration. There are Global Printer Settings, General Printer Step by step guide for setting up and configuring a new printer in Toast's back- end. Check the printer's IP address, direct view from the self-test page. To set up OLE for Point of Sale (OPOS) drivers for an Epson printer in Store Operations, follow these steps: Configuring the Computer. Mar 8, 2018 Next Gen Pos Printers - Printer settings must be configured for USB Printer Class interface! 7199 Receipt. Check for type of connection and setting parameters. The path will be in this format: If you selected that your printer type is "POS 58" or "POS 80", your printer settings screen will look as in the screenshot below. Using a POS printer with your system allows you to print invoices and receipts for option or use the down arrow and “Enter” keys to change the value setting. Check Printer USB PORT. Open the Printers folder and confirm the current port setting in the printer driver. Vend is flexible and versatile. printer to another computer, and then select the Use local printer setting in the cash drawer preferences. Go to your POS Client and open POS setting. Desktop/Browser POS Printer Setup. Click “Exit” and return to the main invoice screen. locate the Printer Driver installation folder then click on “Check USB Port” Setting up a Star printer and cash drawer with Vend iPad POS - Duration: 1:29. Now you can see your printer in the list. The wide range of software tools assist in quick and easy setup The Eco-POS Printer The industry-leading CT-S310II is a compact and advanced receipt and bar code printer. Then the intermediary (POS, iPad, computer) can handle both talking to the cloud and to the printer on the local network. but I don't  ECO POS printer with power and paper saving tools as well as Star Micronics' investment in all areas of the POS Printer. A POS receipt printer is a must when it comes to point of sale printing hardware, and thermal models and more can be found online. Enter a printer station name. Tap 'Printer Setup'. If this is your first time using the iPad or are unfamiliar with the iPad please see Apple’s support site. cloud -> iPad -> printer. Ensure that each of the print. At the bottom of the Station Setup window click Printer Setup. Open the Control Panel. Printing a Test Page. (How to set up Star ethernet printer in Loyverse POS) Specify that this printer will print orders. com [https://pos. SP700 Printer Setup. Select “Back Office” and enter access code 3. BMO API provided. 4-Shop POS Hardware Configuration The program is designed to work with most industry hardware. Use the supplied data cable to connect the cash drawer to the back of the receipt printer. System status: Lightspeed Retail. Press or to select Restore Default Settings, then press OK. To speak to it, we need a computer on the same subnet— in this case the last number of the IP address is the only part which needs to be different. If you’re currently using another point of sale system, Vend might work with your printer, barcode scanner and cash drawer. Setting Up Printers On Android/iPad Tablets. If Printer not set on Item It will print on POS  the printer and the telephone line may be damaged. cloud -> computer -> printer. Open Devices and Printers by clicking the Start, and then, on the Start menu, clicking Devices and Printers. printer resolution settings depends upon your printer properties and can easyly mange from printer properties. When you connect a printer, it's you can change the default printer from Shopify POS. If your printer was configured for this network in the past and you are simply trying to retrieve the IP address, do not reset it. In Device Center, select the link next to Device Center URL. com/ . Make sure your printer is turned off. how can I setup an pos printer? it's my default printer and it's printing other files, but not from chromis. Openbravo POS uses the system driver provided by the manufacturer of the printer. Industrial Label Printer, Desktop for WIFI Cloud printer to connect to your WIFI easy. Hit Apply and then OK. Connect printers to PC. Find the computer's IP address and default gateway. You'll then be presented with the Printer Configuration window: The printers list will likely be blank, as shown above, and that's perfectly okay. If Windows drivers are installed, check the Windows Driver section of the utility. The Windows Easy Transfer utility enables you to copy printer settings, as well as other configurations, from one computer to another. Setting Up the Loyverse POS App. To set up the full page printer. The Star TSP100 ECO is a very reliable and robust receipt printer offered by POSNation. Needed: -Printer w/ USB Port -POS Terminal w/ USB Port -USB Cable -Power Cable How to attach and install an EVO or ION Thermal Printer in Windows 7 using USB. Back office→Admin→Configuration→Print→Add→Printer Type. Printers. Check printer margin settings. Select the printer name from the drop-down list, select the appropriate printer type and click the Test Receipt button to confirm that the printer is installed correctly. Certificated by CE, FCC and RoHS, “Munbyn” products are widely used in business, finance, taxation, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, warehouse, healthcare industry and postal sectors. Your printer will print out a demo receipt & the cash drawer will pop. 3 inches) wide. In the left navigation menu, tap on Settings--->Printer Setup. Its pretty hard to find a copy of this driver online because this kind of thermal printer are generic and getting the official website or manufacturer of this model is no where to found on the internet and you might also getting risk of downloading malicious program, if you’re downloading from unknown source. 9. Hardware & Networking. Holding the button next to the network port prints out the settings: The IP address of the printer is shown 192. b. Setup Printer in Clubessential Of韛 ce. When prompted, click Finish. 300. Ink free printer Zjiang 58mm Thermal Printer - Duration: 3:46. The new setting becomes effective after the printer is turned on. The “LINE ”buttons will toggle the printer with on “online ”,“offline ”mode. To edit a value, double-click the option and then enter 0 in the popup window. Select the menu on the left-hand side - then select Printing 3. On the Printer Settings screen, tap Search for printer on the top right. Click Here to download a PDF outlining the steps below. From the settings menu select Device Settings. The receipt/kitchen printer should now work in eHopper POS. POS System Settings; POS System Optional Hardware; Thermal Printer Installation; WiFi Thermal Printer Installation; Two Monitors Installation; Cash Drawer China POS Thermal Printer WiFi Interface (WH-P06), Find details about China POS Printer, 70mm/S from POS Thermal Printer WiFi Interface (WH-P06) - Shenzhen Brightek Printer Co. If the printer is not Listed below are steps to ensure your settings are correct:. Vend Point of Sale 132,513 views 1. The driver support all the windows system version . This will launch the driver installer. Creating a printer settings preset POS-X is a leading retail and restaurant POS System manufacturer of terminals, touchscreen monitors, barcode scanners, receipt printers, and cash drawers. pos printer settings

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